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IT Staffing: Onshore, Offshore, and Nearshore

When sourcing for IT candidates to fill a job position, you need to consider what type of outsourcing you are aiming for. There are 3 different categories: Onshore: outsourcing talent from within your country Nearshore: outsourcing talent from similar time zones...

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Tip of the Week: Leverage Staffing Partners!

To find talented and qualified resources, it is key to investigate in leveraging a staffing partner with deep networks. This will lead you to new experiences, connections, and a well- staffed business. Any business hopes to grow as a brand. It will be extremely...

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IT Staffing Update

In recent IT reports, there have been more and more tech layoffs. Yet, IT staffing continues to demonstrate resiliency with what they face amongst our current challenging economy. Considering we have rising inflation and interest rates, supply chain disruptions, and...

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Tip of the Week: Going About Cybersecurity Training

The foundation for having good cybersecurity within your business (or personal) life starts with effective, well-planned out, training. Having the knowledge of how to conquer hackers, phishing attempts, or other tech related threats and risks will give employees hope...

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Tech Salary Trends

The most recent years has seen a trend increase in salary for tech positions. Ever since COVID-19 hit, its no surprise that the need for tech experts and security drastically increased throughout many businesses as they transitioned from an in- person environment to a...

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Interview Advice From CTN Solutions’ IT Staffing

Interviews are one of the most important opportunities to have a successful first impression for a potential job position. It is crucial that you come prepared and understand what exactly to avoid doing in order help yourself move along in the interview process. Rich...

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