Tip of the Week: Create Envelopes For Your Whole Contact List With Word

September 6, 2017

Microsoft Office has many capabilities that are not fully utilized by the majority of their users. Mail merges in Word used to be a time consuming, frustrating process. With each new edition of Word, Microsoft has refined the process to make it more user-friendly. Take the following steps to create a professional looking envelope for your business that easily adds a list of contacts from a CSV file, Outlook, and more.

Begin with a New document.
Blank Page

Access the ‘Layout’ menu.

Click on ‘Size’ to change the page measurements to the proper envelope size. (Locate the envelope measurements on the box.) #10 is the traditional ‘letter’ envelope.
Envelope 10

You’ll see that the document layout has changed to the desired size.
Envelope 10 Resize

Next, navigate to the ‘Insert’ tab and select ‘Text Box.’
Insert Tex Box

Use the ‘Simple Text Box’ option. This will be used for the return address.
Insert Tex Box2

Once you have your address updated, drag the text to the desired location.
Drag to Position

Once you are happy with the position of your address, remove the black border around the text box. To do this, right click on the box and select ‘Format Shape.’ Switch the radial button from ‘Solid Line’ to ‘No Line.’
Remove Border

Using Font options, style and brand your return address. You may even want to include your logo.

Now, it’s time to start the Mail Merge. Begin by adding another ‘Text Box,’ remove the standing text and leave the cursor in the box.Mail Merge 5

Access ‘Select Recipients’ to identify the source of the contacts. In this case, we’re using a file that already exists. (Note: This should be a CSV file.)
Mail Merge 1

Next select ‘Address Block.’ This will appear in the text box you created earlier.
Mail Merge 6

Follow the prompts to assist with formatting the address properly.
Mail Merge 4

Use ‘Preview Results’ to make sure the addresses display properly, are easy to read, and fit on the envelope. Scroll through the recipients to be certain that the formatting is the same throughout.
Mail Merge 7

That’s it! Now the envelopes are ready to go, you can either save them or send them to print.
Mail Merge 8

Did you find this Microsoft Word walkthrough helpful? We hope so! If you are interested in learning more about implementing Microsoft Office 365 for your business, reach out to us anytime at (610) 828-5500. Check back every week to find new technology tips and tricks!

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