Tip of the Week: 8 Upgrades to Facebook Messenger that Make it Business Worthy

November 2, 2016

When Facebook released its Messenger app in 2011, it was primarily designed as a way for users to chat with each other outside of the main Facebook app. Since then, Facebook has added a plethora of new features and upgrades to Messenger, making it a tool that may have what it takes to meet the needs of your business.

This development shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, when Facebook and other social media services first hit the scene, the business world was slow to sign up, deeming social media to be irrelevant. Today, companies from virtually every sector have some sort of presence on social media, and many businesses spend big bucks to vie for attention and attract new followers over the various social media platforms. Therefore, it’s within the realm of possibilities for Facebook Messenger to follow suit by evolving into a robust business communications tool.

Consider for your own company’s needs, these eight Facebook Messenger business-friendly features.

Use the Facebook Messenger Website for Desktops
An initial hesitation that business owners might have regarding Messenger is that it’s seen as a mobile app and that they may have a workforce using desktop computers. To meet this concern, Facebook has a standalone website designed just for Messenger so that desktop users can use Messenger on their PC, without having to deal with the distractions of Facebook itself. You can access the Messenger website here: https://www.messenger.com/

Using Messenger to Share Files
Sharing files is an integral part of doing business in the digital realm. In Messenger, sharing files is as easy as clicking on the paperclip icon, uploading the desired file, and clicking send. On the down side, transferring files in this manner only works on the web app versions of Messenger, so mobile users will have to figure out a different way to share. On the upside, Messenger allows users to transfer a variety of files like Microsoft Word files, Photoshop files, PDFs, and more.

Create a Conversation Shortcut (for Android)
Heavy users of Messenger may complain how difficult it can be to access important conversations, due to Messenger displaying the most recent conversations at the top of the list. Instead of having to sift through unimportant conversations to find what you need, Android users can save a link to their home menu by; opening the conversation you want saved > click on the “i” icon > click the three dot icon on the upper right-hand corner of the menu > click Create shortcut.

Send Money via Messenger
By connecting a debit card to the Messenger app, you’ll gain the ability to send money via the app by clicking on the dollar sign icon. While sending money via Messenger may not be the preferred way for businesses to exchange funds, it can be nice to have this as an option if a team member finds themselves in a bind.

Use Messenger to Make Phone and Video Calls
Clicking on the phone and video icon allows users to easily talk and video chat with other users. These features provide more direct forms of communication than can be achieved using instant messaging, and the fact that Messenger offers these call services for free makes it an attractive option for business owners.

View the Status of a Conversation
It can be maddening to send an important message, only to not know if it’s been received or not. Facebook Messenger solves this dilemma and helps keep employees accountable by allowing you to view the status of the message by tapping on it. This lets you see who saw the message, and at what time.

Add People to Group Conversations
Let’s say that you’ve got a group chat going and you realize that the group will benefit from bringing another team member into the conversation. Messenger makes this easy to do; click the conversation in the left-hand column > click the “i” icon > click Add People at the bottom of the right-hand column.

Keep Track of Everyone’s Location
By clicking the location icon, a map with the user’s pinpointed location will be sent via the conversation. This feature can help you better manage complex logistics like deliveries, as well as allow you to know if your remote workers are really where they say they are. “At the doctor’s office, huh? How about you go ahead and click on the location icon for me. Yeah, thought so.”

Who knew that a free social media instant messaging app would have so much to offer businesses? Of course, there are many more communication solutions that modern businesses will want to consider, so be sure to investigate all of your options before landing on a solution.

Have you tried Facebook Messenger for business purposes? If so, share your review with us in the comments.

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