Tip of the Week: 5 Ways to Boost Your WiFi Signal Without Spending Any Money

September 23, 2015

b2ap3_thumbnail_office_wifi_tips_400.jpgDo you want a stronger WiFi signal? Sure, we all do. Before upgrading your wireless router, first try boosting your WiFi signal by positioning your current router in different ways. Here are five ways that you can adjust your WiFi router in order to improve your signal.

Be Mindful of Walls
Basically, WiFi signals are the same kind of electromagnetic waves that are picked up by your radio. What this means for your wireless needs is that these signals are weakened when passing through physical objects. Therefore, take note of how many walls and floors stand between your device and your wireless router because these barriers are classic “signal killers.” To improve your signal, try moving your WiFi router to a spot where you can see the most open space. Also, avoid placing your router in a closed off room like a closet.

Keep it Away From Other Electronics
Your WiFi router isn’t your only device that’s creating signals; other electronics can create signals that may interfere with your WiFi signal. Therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid placing your WiFi router next to powered-on electronics. For example, even the motion of computer fans can ever-so-slightly interfere with your WiFi signal.

Keep Your Router in the Center of Your Building
As you may already know, a WiFi router broadcasts its signal evenly in every direction, with the signal becoming weaker the further it goes. Therefore, you’ll want to avoid placing your wireless router in the corner of your building, especially if you plan on using a wireless device on the complete opposite corner of your office. Instead, place your WiFi router in the center of your building for maximum signal strength.

Pick Your Router Up Off the Floor
When a wireless router broadcasts its signal in every direction, this includes vertically as well as horizontally. Therefore, if your router is sitting directly on the floor, then a large portion of its signal is broadcasted to the floor below you, which you may not want. By raising it off the ground, even by just a few feet, less of your signal will be sent downstairs, allowing you to enjoy more of it on the same floor shared by both you and your WiFi router.

Point One Antenna Vertically and the Other Horizontally
If you have multiple devices utilizing your WiFi signal, then it’s likely the case that some of these devices have vertical antennas, while others have horizontal antennas. Most WiFi routers come with two adjustable antennas that you can manipulate. By pointing one WiFi router antenna vertically and the other horizontally, you will ensure maximum signal strength for all of your different devices.

By going through all five of these tips, you should notice an improvement with your WiFi signal. If you don’t, then you may want to take more drastic measures, like contacting your ISP to upgrade your bandwidth, or getting a new WiFi router altogether. And for professional assistance getting the maximum WiFi signal strength for your company’s wireless network, call CTN Solutions today at (610) 828- 5500.

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