The 6 Most Common Technology Issues Faced By SMBs

February 28, 2017

While news sources might lead the layman to believe that most issues facing the typical SMB come from cyber criminals lurking online, the reality is far less dramatic. However, this misconception makes these issues no less serious, and still things to prepare for. Let’s review some of the most common causes of technological issues in the office environment.

  1. Lack of Strategy and Compatibility: When two high-ranking decision makers aren’t on the same page, troubles typically ensue. Simply put, sometimes the goals set by administration don’t match up with those of IT, and vice versa. This situation can often prolong the time projects can take, or throw the entire project into disarray.
  2. BDR Shortcomings: The worst time to consider what to do in the face of a data disaster is after one has struck your business. However, many small businesses are neglectful in their precautionary preparations, assuming that the chances of disaster are too low to make an investment into a backup and data recovery solution. While this might save them in the short term, they jeopardize their financial future by exposing their business to the expensive repercussions of a data disaster.
  3. Unknown Root Causes: In IT, it is not uncommon for a minor issue to be indicative of a much larger, more problematic concern. It is also common for these larger concerns to go unnoticed as the minor side effect is repeatedly resolved without any further digging. As a result, the larger concern may be more difficult to resolve when it eventually is noticed, causing a much larger drain on a company’s resources.
  4. Waiting for an Issue to Occur: While there is wisdom in the motto, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” it simply doesn’t apply to a business’s technology. Proper care and maintenance can help prevent critical issues. Many issues of this type demand total attention from your staff and prevent productivity until they are resolved, most likely at a much higher cost than it would be to simply prevent them.
  5. Legitimate Security Issues: Even though there are far more ways for things to go wrong due to internal complications, no business can disregard the threats that are lying in wait to snatch sensitive information once the opportunity presents itself. Yet many small businesses are lax in their security solutions, assuming that their size will prevent them from being targeted. However, their lack of adequate protections allows viruses and malware to do their worst with ease, as cyber criminals have no problem with snagging low-hanging fruit.
  6. Troubles for Users: If the technology that employees use to complete their work can no longer provide the operability that their responsibilities require, a business will feel the results. These results usually take the form of decreased employee productivity, morale, and time well spent.

Clearly, while the threats posed by malicious entities online shouldn’t be underestimated, these common issues can not be ignored if a business wants to stay in business. However, by setting a standard for your daily operations to follow, you can keep your company from being tripped up in these issues.

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