Technical Issues? There Is a Better Way

February 6, 2015

b2ap3_thumbnail_resolution_to_problem_400.jpgYou know that one unlucky employee who seems to have the most problems with her computer? Perhaps she keeps getting an error that no one can replicate. Or she needs a little help setting up a Mail Merge. Most companies are only aware of two options for technical support: DIY or Call a Tech Support Hotline.

Option 1: Employee DIY
Your employee is knowledgeable about his/her job function, not PC repair or troubleshooting. Asking employees to fix it themselves takes them away from their primary responsibility. The time they spend Googling issues and watching How-To videos on YouTube is better spent working in your business.

Option 2: Call a Tech Support Hotline
Tech Support on a fee-for-service basis can solve the problem. But the costs can be prohibitive. There is a better way.

The Third Option: CTN
We’re always here for you. If it breaks, we’ll fix it. You have a predictable fee, so you can encourage your employees to reach out whenever they have a problem.

We couple this offering with remote monitoring and maintenance, which can catch issues before they become a problem.

Don’t let technical challenges impact your bottom line. Contact us today at 610-828-5500 and keep your staff working for you.

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