Redundancy, Reliability, Recovery: What You Need in a Data Backup Solution

March 30, 2016

b2ap3_thumbnail_backup_and_continuity_400.jpgMarch 31st is World Backup Day, and it’s the perfect time to evaluate the redundancy and reliability of your data.

It is a fact that redundancy is not always welcome in business. Almost anywhere you find redundancy in your workplace, you also find miscommunication, incompetence, and the lack of coordination that routinely gives business owners and executives gray hair. One aspect of your business that goes against this trend is how you store and disseminate data. Redundancy in tech-speak is not just a good thing, it’s something that can flat-out save your business. That is not hyperbole. That is the truth.

If you’re utilizing digital information (and your business certainly is) and you’re doing business without a proper backup and recovery plan, it’s like buying a house on the banks of a river and not getting flood insurance. It simply doesn’t make any sense. If you rely on your data, and most businesses today have some data they simply can’t get back if it was lost, then the best recourse is to institute a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solution immediately.

For business owners and executives that have been using tape or some other manual type of backup for their backup and recovery needs: it’s a step in the right direction. In business continuity circles there are two variables that have to be understood in order to successfully protect your business from substantial data loss. They are:

  • Recovery point objective (RPO): basically what data has to be restored in order to get operations back up and running
  • Recovery time objective (RTO): the amount of time that you have to restore your data before downtime begins to ruin the business’s ability to meet its financial requirements

Although it has to be said that tape is an effective backup medium, especially if you have been operating for any amount of time without data backup – it’s better than nothing. With CTN Solutions’s backup solution, however, business continuity is an easier process.

Our backup solution is automated, with no manual upkeep, tape swapping, or tedious maintenance just to make sure the backup actually happens. Having access to a reliable and secure interface boosts any organization’s ability to protect all their data and restore it faster than with any other type of backup medium. Like we mentioned earlier, restoration times are critical.

An added benefit is our backup platform’s ability to act as your server in the event that your central computing infrastructure has been rendered useless; whether from simple hardware failure, human error, malware, or an act of God.

Many people rely on your business. It’s time to protect it and them with a secure and reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery solution from CTN Solutions. To talk to one of our certified technicians, and find out what backup and disaster recovery platform is right for your organization, call us today at (610) 828- 5500.

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