How to Help Your Business Go Paperless

July 28, 2016

Businesses today want to save money and cut costs whenever possible, and technology has made it much easier to do so. Now, organizations can eliminate unnecessary hardware, clear the office space of file storage systems, and even eliminate clutter associated with paper documents.

The Benefits of Going Paperless
Your business can benefit greatly from eliminating paper consumption. The following are potential gains that will improve your business’s operations and bottom line.

  • Cost savings: How much does your business spend annually on ink and paper products? If your organization can cut down on the amount of printing that it does, you’ll naturally spend less on paper and ink, increasing your bottom line and freeing up funds that can be spent elsewhere.
  • Clutter and wasted space: You don’t need us to tell you that filing cabinets are huge and bulky wastes of space. While they might help you keep paper clutter to a minimum, they’re a pain to move and an even bigger pain to take with you if you relocate your office. Wouldn’t it be nice to just store your files digitally and not worry about dragging unnecessary furniture with you?
  • Easily-searchable file archiving: How much time do you waste digging through filing cabinets whenever you need a specific document? With electronic record storage, searching through files has never been easier.
  • Backup services: In the event of a disaster, what’s more likely to survive; your digital files that are safely stored in the cloud, or your physical documents that are vulnerable to water and fire damage? Not only does storing your files digitally make them more secure, but it also makes them much easier to back up and restore in case disaster strikes.

How it Helps the Environment
According to PaperlessProductivity, one tree produces, on average, 17 reams of paper. This same tree takes at least 100 years to grow. If you consider how much paper your business uses every day, and then multiply that for every business in the world, chances are that you’ll come up with a number that well exceeds the amount of paper that a single tree can provide. That’s not to mention other users of paper products, like universities, individual consumers, government agencies, and so on. Just think – it takes over 100 years to replace what modern businesses use for paper documents every day.

How We Can Help
If your business wants the opportunity to drastically eliminate paper waste and printing costs, CTN Solutions can help. We can equip your business with an electronic record storage system that’s designed to store your paper documents in a secure, compliant digital space. This helps to keep your documents safe and sound, while making them easy to find when they’re needed.

Plus, if you’re still (somehow) attached to your fax machine, we can help your business implement a fax server that can essentially transform your business’s faxes into emails that hit your inbox. To learn more, give us a call at (610) 828- 5500.

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