How Cloud Computing and Virtualization Can Free Up Your Business to Do More

May 1, 2016

b2ap3_thumbnail_cloud_n_virtualization_400.jpgThe cloud is revolutionizing the way that businesses store and manage data, applications, and even abstracted hardware like servers and desktops. However, some businesses are still reluctant to adopt the cloud, despite its overwhelming advantages for small and medium-sized organizations. Therefore, we’re taking it upon ourselves to “demystify” the cloud, so you can see just how great of an innovation it is.

What Is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is the act of storing information or data in an online environment. Basically, the cloud is a computer (or series of computers) managed and maintained by an external party, and your business receives its data and applications directly from it through the Internet. It’s great for quickly and efficiently allowing your team to access specific information and programs that they need to get their job done properly. Examples of cloud computing services include data storage, application access, and even server hosting. Many businesses use it to store their productivity suite, like Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365, and to store data so that all of their employees have access.

How Virtualization Works
Virtualization is the act of taking multiple pieces of your network, like servers or desktops, and running them on a single piece of hardware. By doing so, you eliminate the physical costs of running and maintaining multiple, and often underutilized devices. Your business can save considerable capital by investing in virtualization services designed to eliminate unnecessary physical clutter and overhead costs.

A real world example of this is deploying a user’s desktop from a centralized or hosted server, meaning you can broadcast it to any type of hardware, whether it’s a laptop, thin client desktop, a home computer, or a tablet. It gives the user access to their files and applications regardless of the device they are using. In other words, you aren’t bound to a specific computer or device.

How are Virtualization and Cloud Computing Related?
Like we mentioned earlier, a cloud is essentially just someone else’s computer that you entrust your data and applications on. So the real question is how can this be more cost effective?

By taking advantage of high-end, expensive hardware and utilizing virtualization to get the most out of the hardware, a cloud provider can effectively provide computing resources for more users per capita. On top of that, the cloud infrastructure can be managed and monitored effectively by the provider’s in-house team.

When it comes to the management and maintenance of your mission-critical systems, what would you rather have; your in-house team spending valuable time and revenue maintaining your in-house IT network, or an outsourced team of IT professionals who care for your technology just as carefully as they would their own? If your business wants to achieve its maximum potential, you need all hands on deck to implement and innovate with new initiatives. Our team of trusted professionals can give you the breathing room you need to ensure your IT goes smoothly.

Our professional IT technicians can help your business choose and implement the cloud solution that best fits the needs of your business. We can also assist your team with virtualization services needed to maximize your bottom line and limit unnecessary costs in your budget.

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