Don’t Forget to Renew Your Software Licenses

February 6, 2015

b2ap3_thumbnail_remember_to_renew_400.jpgYou have a system in place to remind yourself of when to pay your bills. Otherwise, bills would go unpaid, essential services would be cut off, and your credit rating would plunge. However, not everyone has a system in place to renew their software licenses, which could lead to consequences that are just as dire.

Many software users are dependent upon notifications from the software itself to remind them when it’s time to renew. These notifications are sufficient for most users, but then there are the users that receive so many notifications from all over the place that they’ve grown numb to them. A user that clicked on “Don’t show me this again,” may miss out on crucial notifications about renewing their software, which could unintentionally lead to its expiration.

When a software license expires, it’s likely to become unusable. This can be a major inconvenience if you’re in the middle of a workday. One moment your staff is cranking out work using a mission-critical program, but the next moment, the software expires and everyone is locked out of their work. Granted, this isn’t as severe of a downtime issue as a server going down; nevertheless, it’s still a downtime issue that can cost your company money.

Consequently, if your accounting department isn’t able to quickly renew the license for your expired software, then the time lost to being locked out of a needed program will make the downtime that much more expense. A situation like this could have easily been prevented if the software license was renewed before its deadline.

If you’re having trouble managing the renewal dates for all of your different softwares, then we’ve got a handy-dandy tip for you: Renew every program’s license on the same day. Setting this up is as easy as contacting the software company and letting them know that you want to change your renewal date. You may have to pay a few extra months ahead in order to change this date, but given the fact that you’re offering the software company money, they should be more than willing to accept your funds and change the renewal date to when you want it.

For the best way to make sure that all of your software licenses are renewed when they’re supposed to be, you can have CTN Solutions manage your software licenses for you. With our managed IT services, we keep track and manage all of your software licenses. This way, you won’t suddenly get hit with an expired software and lose precious productivity.

To have one less IT maintenance issue to worry about, reach out to CTN Solutions at (610) 828- 5500.

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