Are You Aware of the Bloatware Security Risk?

September 16, 2016

Have you ever downloaded software off of the Internet, but to your dismay, it comes bundled with other free software? We’re talking about toolbars and other unwanted software that might install alongside your desired application. It should come as no surprise that bloatware can cause problems for your computer, but it also comes with the added pain of being a major security red flag.

Often times you’ll encounter a desired software, but it will be bundled with unnecessary tools that can slow down, or even cripple your workstation. Most of the time you can be privy to this bundled software by paying attention to the installation prompts that you see when you go to install a solution. If you don’t pay attention, though, it could easily put your systems at risk and install a bunch of applications that you don’t even want. Bloatware can include somewhat useful, yet undesired solutions like browser add-ons and toolbars, but others can include adware and potentially malicious programs.

Think of it in terms of code being applied to your machine. Every program you have is a potential outlet for malicious activity. A hacker will look for ways to get into an infrastructure, and the more programs and the more code available to crack, the more potential outlets there are to turn against you.

Removing bloatware, and limiting it altogether, can provide your business with the following benefits.

Improved Computer Speed

Computer speed is important, and if your workstations are running slowly, so are your employees. However, this might not be immediately apparent until you go back and analyze how much time was lost due to slow computers. The money lost due to time spent being unproductive can’t be recovered, but you know how to keep it from happening in the future. Removing bloatware from the computers can free up more computing resources to get work done with, improving productivity and improving operations.

Beefier Security

As previously mentioned, bloatware could quickly become a security discrepancy. The more programs that have accumulated on a device, the more patches and security updates have to be installed. When these updates aren’t installed regularly, you provide opportunities for hackers to make their way into your computing infrastructure.

CTN Solutions can help your business combat the threat of bloatware. We can perform a network audit to find unnecessary applications, detect unpatched software, and suggest areas for improvement within your organization’s infrastructure. To learn more, reach out to us at (610) 828- 5500.

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